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About Standing Tall

Why Standing Tall UK?

Standing Tall UK is a respected and highly rated leader in the field of teaching life skills; having worked with businesses, schools and colleges for more than 16 years. Our aim is to build confidence, unlock charisma and establish composure. We specialise in pressure management, effective communication, social skills, personal presentation and confidence.


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Our Ethos is Fun!

Standing Tall UK has developed a unique mix of methods to provide motivating and effective coaching which enables you to make a highly positive impression to get the very best from social and working interactions with others.

We truly believe that by making this fun, it becomes a positive and memorable group experience.


Heddy Smith, one of the principal founders of Standing Tall UK explains:

”We have developed a unique psychological method which promotes awareness, authenticity, confidence and skill; whilst at the same time giving participants a great day.’’