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Welcome to Standing Tall UK

Terms & Conditions

Job Specification

Standing Tall UK will provide the services of Standing Tall Staff for the agreed programme.

Terms of Payment

All invoices will be payable in arrears within 28 days of delivery.  Interest will be added at the rate of 2% per each commenced calendar month until date of payment.


All liability other than in respect of claims for personal injury caused by the negligence of Standing Tall UK Or any of its staff will remain with the client.

Health and Safety

The client is responsible for all Health and Safety matters including the safety of those taking part and will indemnify Standing Tall UK in all respects from any claims or breaches unless such claims are in respect of personal injury caused by the negligence of Standing Tall or its staff.

Cancellation Procedure

In the event of cancellation less than 28 days prior to the workshop a cancellation fee of £500.00 is payable to Standing Tall UK.  

If we, Standing Tall UK have to cancel for any reason we will arrange another workshop at the first mutually convenient date.


Amendments are only accepted in writing and signed by both parties.

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